Erik Adriel Peterson


Portrait with Blue Hat

2015 - Pennsylvania academy of the fine arts - post-baccalaureate

2011 - University of georgia, athens - study abroad, Cortona, italy  

2009-2014 - Lyme academy college of fine arts - Bachelor of fine arts



Erik Adriel Peterson uses mixed medias to create intimate vignettes into the artists’ memory of events, experiences, and emotions. Autobiographical, his works imperfectly blur the lines between truth and fantasy. The passage of time alters perceptions of events and subjectively depicts these happenings while still portraying core feelings around them. This process of selection allows the viewer to fill the gaps with assumptions of their own, strengthening the relationship between them and the works. Erik has received a B.F.A. from the Lyme Academy College of Fine Arts and also a Post-Baccalaureate from the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts

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